• Commentarii in Martialem (Incunable, commentary on Marcial)
    Print proof of an early incunable.

PVP: 7.000€
Date: 1474
No. of pages: 170 folios
Size: Folio
Binding: Vellum
Place of printing: Venice

Roman typography, 50 lines per page. 17th century vellum binding. Gilted lines. Superlibris by Louis Guillaume Bon, Marquis of Saint Hilaire.

With old signatures by the Bon family and ex-libris at the beginning and end of the book.

An exceptional incunable from the works of Spanish writer Marcial, with comments by Calerdino. An unbound copy with wide margins that could likely be found both bound and unbound in the 17th century. Given the disposition of some of the galley proofs and the corrections located in the subheadings of the pages, it seems to be a state proof of the incunable used by the copy editor.

You will not find a copy of this edition, the first of Jacobus Rubeus’ prints, in any Spanish public library. Exceptionally rare.