• Book of various services...Book of praises to God
    Extraordinary hymn book

PVP: 18.000€
Date: Circa 1550
Size: 650 x 450 mm.
No. of pages: 154 sheets
Binding: On wooden board

Monumental handwritten 16th century book of services and prayers of intercession, calligraphed and ruled in four inks on vellum. Complete with retrospective corrections to comply with musical changes and up to date rituals.

Contains a magnificent title page with polychromatic triphthong miniature with three religious characters. Beautifully calligraphed initials open each chapter and part of the musical manuscript. An index can be found at the end of the piece.

Retains a spectacular calf binding on wooden board with raised bands, studs, cornerpieces and wrought metal clasps.