• Mundialis sphere opusculum Joannis de sacro busto nuper vigilantissime eme(n)datus tum figuris acco(m) modatissimis tum marginarijs annotatiunculis recenter adiectis hic habes candide lector

PVP: 5.000€
Author: Sacrobosco (J.)
Year: 1527
Nº of pages: 16 leaves.
Size: Cuarto
Binding: Vellum
Printerr: Reginaldum Chaudiere
Place of printing: París

The beginnings of western astronomy.

Juan de Sacrobosco wrote this piece in the first third of the 13th century, with the earliest preserved manuscript dating from 1240. Its first printing was undertaken by Ferrare in 1472. It quickly became one of the most famous astronomy books in the West, with Galileo being one of its avid students.

This issue is in perfect condition and comes with handwritten marginal notes from the 16th century. Illustrated throughout with astronomy woodcuts. One of the world’s most popular astronomy works.