• Opera. Statii Sylvae cum Domitii Commentariis , et avancii sui Emendationibus / Statii Thebais cum Lactantii Commentariis / Statii Achilleis cum Maturatii Comentariis / Domitii Alie annotationes

PVP: 4.500€
Author: Publio Papinio Estacio / Domitius Calderinus / Placidus Lactantius / Franciscus Maturantius
Year of printing: 1498
No. of pages: 203 folios
Size: Folio
Binding: Calf from the era
Printer: Petrus de Quarengis
Place of printing: Venice

Rare Venetian incunable containing the works of Publio Papinio Estacio (Naples 45 – Rome 96), a stylistically forward-thinking Latin poet and teacher, who portrayed the Roman society of his era. Others, however, argued that he was following Virgil’s tradition.

Among the works of this volume we encounter “La Tebaida”, an epic poem composed by Estacio which recounts the expedition and attempt by Polinices to retake the throne of Tebas (Egypt), occupied by his brother Eteocles.

The work became well-known thanks to the commentary of Placidus Lactantius. This incunable encompasses texts by Franciscus Maturantius, who comments on the poem “Aquileida”, also written by Estacio in the 1st century, as well as Estacio’s Silvas, with commentary by 15th century humanist, Domitus Calderinus.

Magnificent copy, with handwritten annotations enriching the text, and bound in 18th century calf, with gilted tooling on both covers, raised bands and lettering pieces. According to the exlibris, it belonged to famous librarian and one of the most renowned Spanish bibliophiles of the 16th century, Alonso de Osorio, Marquis of Astorga.

His books were identifiable by their beautifully calligraphed titles on their edges, as is this case for this booked decorated with the marquis coat of arms and other floral motifs. One sole copy in the University of Valencia according to the C.C.P.B.E.

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